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better life with God
better life together
better life for others

More than just feeling a desire.

More than just making a declaration.

Our heartbeat is to be alive in Christ.


We exist to glorify God, equip believers,

reach the lost and care for the hurting.

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Our Pastor


Our Beliefs

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Worship With Us 
Sunday Morning @ 10am

Off the corner of Springs Main Rd and Bailey's Hill Rd

Overlooking the harbour in Springs / St. George's


Rev. Gerard Keens-Douglas

Our beloved pastor and his wife Denise have been ministering with us for almost 40 years (and is the longest serving pastor in Grenada). Along with being our pastor, he's also the head of the Evangelical Churches of the West Indies in Grenada as well as the denomination's Assistant Superintendent for whole of the Caribbean. During his tenure he has guided the Evangelical churches through major generational and cultural transitions.


Pastor Keens-Douglas has a huge heart for missions and evangelism. He is often instrumental in helping foreign mission and parachurch organizations partner with local churches and find their footing in Grenada. He has mobilized programs and outreaches for international organizations such as Samaritan's Purse and The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association; among others. He's also a founding board member of Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Grenada as well as the founding national director of Youth For Christ.

As an evangelist and equipper at heart, our pastor is driven to lead people to a saving knowledge of Christ and guide them to be shaped by His image. God often uses him to bring practical clarity to complex doctrinal issues in a person's life-- helping them to understand and walk in the real-life application of the Gospel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?

Come as you are. God doesn't judge you because of clothing and neither do we. If you want to dress up, feel free to dress up. If you want to dress casual, feel free to come casual. However, remember your coming to church... please be modest.

Where do I go when I walk through the front door?

Just take a seat where you feel comfortable. There are NO assigned seats. If service hasn't started feel to walk around and talk to people or just sit and chill.

What should I expect from the service?

Our services are about 2 hours long and include music, reading scripture, announcements, a talk from our Pastor based on the Bible, and an option to receive prayer at the end.


What's the worship style?

Casual upbeat celebration focused on our Father in Heaven. It's about connecting with our Lord and Savior. Some people dance, others raise their hands and clap and others stand still.

What's the preaching style?

No screaming here. The sermon will be about 30-40 minutes and focus on a practical understanding of God's Word.

What Do I do with my kids?

The kids stay with us during worship and then have their own ministry time for the rest of the service.

What do you believe?

Our church holds to doctrine that is considered to be traditional, evangelical, biblical Christianity.

To learn more Click here to read our Statements Of Faith

Are you part of a denomination?

Yes. We are the capital church for the Evangelical Churches Of The West Indies (ECWI) Grenada. We have 9 churches throughout the island and the denomination is in 7 countries throughout the Caribbean.

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